This issue can occur when the server is seemingly properly configured to accept connections for the desired protocol and has a port configured for the connection. Additionally, this issue may occur if the server was setup previously and is now being migrated or upgraded to new hardware or a new operating system, especially if a registry restore may have been completed.

A user is unable to connect despite having a properly configured username, password, etc.

A client software attempting to connect may display a Connection Failed or Connection Refused error message. The connection may work for some protocols and fail for others.

Check the server log file to see if an IP Address is provided for the connection. For example, for SFTP, the issue present like this:

  1. Starting SFTP Server on Address/Port: :22

The proper connection should display the IP Address and Port Number and look more like this:

  1. Starting SFTP Server on Address/Port:

If this issue occurs, go into the registry editor (regedit), and remove the entry for sftphost:

  1. HKLM/Software/South River Technologies/Titan FTP Server/Servers/(ServerID)
  2. Server Settings are right there – to reset the IP Address, delete the sftphost and host items

Then, go back into Server Administrator and go back into Services à FTP tab and set it there. This will push it over to the SFTP configuration as well.

Restart the server/service and try again. The IP Address should now be properly populated based on your server configuration.