Occasionally during the installation or upgrade process of Cornerstone MFT Server, the internal SqlExpress installer will not launch and SqlExpress does not install.

The SqlExpress installer can be launched manually after the installation of Cornerstone MFT Server. 

Use the following process to manually install SqlExpress

1) Open a Command prompt

2) Navigate to the Cornerstone installation folder, typically this is C:\Program Files\South River Technologies\Cornerstone MFT \

3) Navigate to the SqlExpress subdirectory

4) From within the SqlExpress folder, issue the following command to manually launch the SqlExpress installer

sqlexpr2014.exe /ConfigurationFile=.\SqlExpressConfig2014.ini /Action=INSTALL /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS /SAPWD=<strongPasswordForTheSqlServerSAAccount>

The installer will launch with a predefined configuration. Once the installer has finished, restarting the OS is recommended.

Optionally, you can install any version of SqlExpress or SqlServer 2014 or later for use with Cornerstone MFT Server. NOTE:  SQLServer LocalDB is not currently supported.