When setting up a OneDrive connection through WebDrive, you may come across a 400 Bad Request error or Unable to obtain access token. If this error occurs during setup or an attempt to connect, try these troubleshooting efforts: 

1. Ensure that during the authentication/setup process, you click through the entire pop-up window to enter the URL and username/password information. When the browser pops up, the tab-focus remains on the WebDrive window. This means that using the Enter key would skip the step in the browser rather than complete it. Using the mouse to click through this setup avoids this potential cause of failure.

2. If the issue remains, open the Internet Explorer browser and ensure you are logged out of your OneDrive/OneDrive for Business account in Internet Explorer. If you are uncertain, use this link in your Internet Explorer browser to force a logout of any logged in accounts: Microsoft Logout

3. If the issue remains, it's possible your Microsoft account on your computer is set to automatically login to various Microsoft accounts using a specific email address. You may also notice that during your setup, the browser window appears to popup, but then quickly cycles through the part where you would enter or select an email address, and then the setup fails. This is a sign that the issue is related to an auto-login procedure. To resolve this, go to "Email & accounts" under System Settings on your Windows computer (use the Search Tool if needed). Here, select the email address likely listed under "Accounts used by other apps". Authenticate and login to this account if the Windows system requests credentials, and then select the option to "Sign Out Everywhere". After making this change, then setup the site in WebDrive (ensuring that you click through the entire process -- don't use the Enter key or it will skip the step) and it should then work to connect.

If each of these items fails, please submit a support ticket through the Help Desk and provide any relevant screenshots and error messages you may be encountering.