Steps to Complete before configuring a connection via WebDrive:

1. Install/Setup NAS and Admin Software for Synology.

2. Configure NAS to be accessible over the Internet.

3. Configure NAS to accept WebDAV connections (This step includes choosing the Ports to use to connect).

For support on any of these initial steps, please search the Internet for tutorials or contact Synology Support

To configure WebDrive to connect to your Synology NAS:

1. Install WebDrive and restart the computer when prompted after the install.

2. Open WebDrive and click "New" to start creating the connection.

3. Choose either Secure WebDAV (HTTPS) or WebDAV (HTTP) - based on what you setup with your Synology NAS and whether you enabled HTTPS or HTTP (or both). Click "Next".

4. Enter the URL or IP Address used to connect to your Synology NAS for WebDAV.

5. Enter the username and password for your user account that has access to this server

6. If you used any nonstandard ports for your Synology NAS server (not port 80 or 443), then click "Advanced Settings" and go to "Connection Settings". Here, uncheck the box for "Use default port" and then change the value to match the port that you selected when configuring the NAS to accept WebDAV connections over HTTP and/or HTTPS. Click "OK". Click "Next".

7. Provide a name for your Site Connection and select a drive letter for WebDrive to use to map the connection to the server. Choose whether you want the site to map at startup automatically or not. Click "Finish".

8. Double-click on the site, or right-click and choose to "Connect", in order to connect the site and view contents using WebDrive.