The Endpoint Protection feature in WebDrive provides a method to secure your server from unauthorized applications creating or modifying (editing) files on the server, as well as on the local computer. You specifically list the applications that are allowed to create and edit files, and all other applications are banned from making changes.

This serves two main purposes:  

  1. Protection against Ransomware and other malware
    1. Ransomware works by encrypting files on your computer – making them completely inaccessible to you - and then essentially holding them hostage until you pay whatever the attacker wants and then you hope that the attacker will send you the decryption key after payment and then you can have your files back
    2. The application running the ransomware would not be accepted by WebDrive, and so the encrypting of the files (or modifying in any way) would fail and the Ransomware attack would fail.
  2. Admins can specify/limit applications that users can use to create and edit files
    1. If an application is not in the list, the user cannot use this application to create or edit files. The user would need to get the application approved and added to the list.


Configuration in WebDrive: 

App-Wide: App Settings --> Endpoint Protection

Site-Specific: Site Properties --> Endpoint Protection

Enable Endpoint Protection – then list the applications that you would like to be able to make edits to files through WebDrive mapped drives. All other applications will be rejected and the edits will fail

Choosing the option to display errors gives the user a message regarding the failure and it also allows the option of whether to choose to add the application to the list of accept applications instead of being blocked.  

NOTE: This may not be desired if you are an Administrator and don’t want individual users to determine if an application should be allowed to edit or not. In that case, disable this option for displaying errors.

You can also choose to not display errors only for specific applications.

NOTE: When disabling the notification of an edit failing, attempts to edit will still fail, there simply will not be a pop-up window that details the failure and the reason.