To Enable a WebDrive Mapping as a Service: 

1. In WebDrive, after creating the site connection, go to Site Properties --> Advanced and enable the option for "Allow NT services to access the mapped drive". You'll likely also want to enable "Map drive at system startup" so that the mapping occurs immediately when starting the computer.

NOTE: If you do not see the option for "Allow NT services to access the mapped drive", then you do not have the proper permissions on your currently logged in account. Exit WebDrive entirely (right-click system tray icon and choose "Exit"), and Run WebDrive as Administrator when opening. Now you will see these options to be able to enable service access.

WebDrive Mapping Notes: 

1. Normally when you map a drive letter to a server, the drive letter can be accessed by, and only by, the NT User process that has mapped the drive.

2. Mapping a drive in NT Service Context will allow access to the mapping by NT Services that run under the LocalSystem account, and WILL NOT allow access to the mapped drive through the WebDrive or Windows Explorer interface for that mapping. 

3. If you want a connection to be accessible both in the WebDrive and Windows Explorer interface AND for LocalSystem NT Services, then you'd want to ensure that you have created the site twice; once with NT Services enabled, and once without, using different drive letters for each connection.

** Information regarding mapping a drive as a service can also be found in the Help File under the Advanced Section **