Users are seeing slow logins (10-15+ seconds) when logging into Cornerstone.  SQLExpress is the backend database server (either local to the Cornerstone server or running remotely).


SQL express uses socket based licensing and has a limit of up to 4 cores on 1 socket, but cannot use more than one socket.  It may be necessary to verify/change the VM on which SQLExpress is running if you have it configured to have a single core spread across as many sockets as needed to get the core count you require.  For example, if your VM had 4 cores but they were each seen by the OS as 4 single socket CPUs, it is possible that you could experience the slow login issue (especially during high usage times).  Changing the configuration to have all 4 cores use a single socket would, in essence, remedy the single socket shortcoming of SQLExpress and result in dramatically faster login/access times.