After upgrading to Titan 2017, the list of blacklisted/whitelisted IP addresses is blank in the Titan admin console (Connections, IP Access tab).  

This issue is a result of a change made to the Titan 2017 code. The IpAccessList registry setting has been updated as IpAccessListEx (Extended) to allow more functionality to be built into the access list.  Upon upgrading, however, it is possible that the IpAccessList registry key is not updated and renamed IpAccessListEx. Or, the IpAccessListEx key is created, but is not populated with the banned IP address list.


The current workaround to this issue is to stop the Titan service, run regedit and perform the following:

1.  Export HKLM\software\south river technologies\titan ftp server\servers and save the .reg file

2.  Open the exported .reg file in notepad and perform a Find/Replace.  Find IpAccessList and replace it with IpAccessListEx.  

3.  Search the updated .reg file to ensure there are no duplicate listings of IpAccessListEx.  If there are, remove the duplicates that are blank (do not contain any IP addresses).

4. Save the updated .reg file and import it back into the registry.  

5. Restart the Titan service and verify the IP Access List(s) are correctly displayed at the server and user level (if applicable)

This process will update all the IpAccessList settings to IpAccessListEx in one step.  It is also feasible to manually update each/every server and user level ip access list in order to verify each change individually.  

This issue will be addressed in the Q4 release of Titan.