Cisco Systems, Inc. has recommended Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition as an approved backup server for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). Cisco will work with any SFTP server product with applications that require SFTP access, but Cisco recommends SFTP products that are certified with Cisco through the Cisco Technology Developer Partner Program (CTDP). CTDP partners, which include Titan FTP Server, certify their products with a specified version of CUCM. Configuring CUCM to back up to an SFTP-configured Titan FTP Server involves two simple steps:

  1. Set up Titan SFTP Server to accept SFTP connections from the CUCM.
  2. Configure CUCM for backup functionality by going to the Backup Device settings and entering the network directory information requested (server IP, path name, username, password) for a manual backup. 

For more detailed information, see our CUCM Backup and Titan FTP Server QuickStart.