Cornerstone creates a database in Microsoft SQL Server to store configuration information for each server and its users and groups. This is ideal for scaled environments where multiple Cornerstone servers on different computers are connected on the same network, as each server can access the same data from a central data repository.

You will need a running Cornerstone server configured to use information stored on an SQL Server database in order to back up SQL data. To set up a server to use SQL, you will need to know the SQL Server instance you wish to store information in.

  1. Launch the New Server Wizard and follow the prompts until the wizard asks for database storage information.
  2. Enter your SQL Server instance name.
  3. Enter a new name for the database that will be created in the SQL Server to hold this Cornerstone's configuration data.Finish creating your server to your specifications.

For more in-depth information, or if you want to configure a backup for a server already storing information in SQL, see our Backing Up Cornerstone SQL Server Data QuickStart, and see this related knowledgebase article.