This procedure assumes that the user has a 64-bit operating system, an existing 32-bit version of Cornerstone, and a need to upgrade to 64-bit Cornerstone on the same machine. It also assumes a SQL data source.

Before updating your Cornerstone to the 64-bit version, copy and edit your registration codes to prepare for the new version. This process involves:
  1. Exporting registry keys, after deactivating your Cornerstone and stopping the service
  2. Editing your registry keys (bearing in mind that altering the registry incorrectly could result in serious problems with your operating system)
  3. Upgrading to the 64-bit version of Cornerstone 
  4. Reactivating your license
  5. Verifying your upgrade

For more in-depth details on this process, see our Migrating from 32 to 64-bit Cornerstone MFT Server Quickstart.