Titan FTP Server and Cornerstone MFT Server share several common components, which makes migration from a Titan platform to the enhanced Cornerstone platform easy and straightforward. Prior to performing the upgrade, it is highly recommended that the System Administrator schedule downtime for the server to reduce inconvenience to users.

One of the primary differences between the Titan and Cornerstone platforms is that the Titan platform stores configuration information in the System Registry, while the Cornerstone platform leverages the scalability and performance of MS SQLServer to store configuration information. However, Cornerstone maintains compatibility with Titan because of its ability to access Titan servers previously configured using registry-based storage.

Since Cornerstone can access historic Titan base configurations, this guide will walk through this 2-step process for upgrading from Titan to Cornerstone:

  1. Install Cornerstone on the Titan system. Installing Cornerstone over an existing Titan platform will seamlessly preserve the entire Titan configuration. Allinformation will be retained, and once Cornerstone is installed, you will be able to accessall Titan based server configurations as well as the new Cornerstone functionality options.
  2. Migrate configuration information from Titan’s registry based storage to Cornerstone’s SQLServer based storage. Migrating from registry to SQLServerwill allow Cornerstone to scale much better and will provide an additional set of featureswhich are only available in Cornerstone if it is using SQLServer as the back-end (such asintegration with DMZedge Server).

For more details about this process, including backing up your Titan configuration data, see our Titan FTP Server to Cornerstone MFT Server Migration QuickStart Guide.