Cornerstone MFT supports UNC (Universal/Uniform Naming Convention). A UNC refers to a resource—this could be a file or folder or even a printer, any asset that can be used by a network—by specifying the computer name, share name, and optional subdirectory where the resource is stored. This path is a fixed point that can be located by any computer in the same network.

Cornerstone MFT supports this capability in order to share information in a scalable environment. By assigning addresses all machines in the network can recognize, one or more servers can run in parallel and access the same back-end data storage to service any front-end clients.

If you intend to scale Cornerstone MFT to multiple boxes, you must configure the primary server to use UNC to access all data files instead of a local drive or a mapped network drive letter. A UNC requires altered permissions in order to allow Cornerstone access to the UNC data. This is a separate permissions set than the New Technology File System (NTFS) Access Control Lists (ACLs). The Cornerstone Service usually runs under a Local System account in Windows. By default, this account does not have rights

to access a UNC resource located on a remote server.

For more in-depth information, see our QuickStart: Cornerstone with UNC Data Storage