Help! Where is my reg code/product license key? How do I login to the Helpdesk?

When you install a new product, you'll need to enter your registration code or product license to activate the product. You'll also need it to access ticket support. If you do not have the correct code, your access may be restricted. Your lifeline is a good record of what you are working with, and the proper steps to finding your registration code within the product itself. 

When you update your product, make sure to use the correct registration code. Your trial code will not work on the full product version, and your old registration key will not work on the new license or upgrade. Server codes work ONLY on the server product you purchased, and WebDrive client codes work ONLY on the WebDrive product you purchased.

Find Your Code in Your Email:

Every customer receives an automated email with their product registration codes. Recent customers will also have received an email with credentials and information for logging into your helpdesk account. If you cannot locate your login credentials, sign up for a new helpdesk account using your registration code. Use the following methods to locate your registration code.

Find Your Code in the Product:

To locate your registration code(s) within the product,:

For Titan FTP Server and Cornerstone MFT Server

Launch the Titan FTP Server or the Cornerstone MFT Server administrator. The registration code will display on the Welcome tab.

For WebDrive

Launch WebDrive and click HELP/INFO. Your registration code will be under the License section.

Managing Your Licenses in the Customer Information System (CIS)

If you know your registration code, you can manage your purchased Registration Codes(reg codes) and activations of the license(s) using the SRT CIS. In a browser, navigate to

Login by entering your Registration Code and Email Address associated with the order.