How can I move WebDrive to a new machine?

  1. Use the Export feature in WebDrive to export your Site Database and User Settings out to a .reg file. Run WebDrive, then from the main menu, select FILE -> EXPORT and export your data out to a file. Copy that .reg file over to the new machine and then double-click on the file to Import that information into the Windows registry and your WebDrive information will be imported.
    1. Another option for this is to use the Export Site Profile option from the right-click menu in WebDrive. This will allow you to export the site profile exactly as is, including URL, username, and password and all of the settings for that site. This does not include App Settings for WebDrive, which you would want to Export as mentioned above.
  2. If you have created any Jobs using the WebDrive Transfer Manager, you will also need to manually copy that information to the new computer. Under your Documents folder will be a directory named WebDrive. In there will be a sub-directory called XferJobs. Copy that sub-directory, and it's contents to the new machine (preserving the path structure).
  3. If any of the Jobs in #2 were scheduled to run, you'll also want to migrate over the Task Scheduler information. Windows Task Scheduler has an Export feature which will allow you to Export the Job information to a .XML file which can then be transferred to the new computer and then Imported back into Windows Task Scheduler.
  4. Finally, you'll want to Deactivate WebDrive on the old computer if you plan to transfer your WebDrive license to the new computer. (Help/Info --> License Information --> Activate License --> Deactivate) Once the old license is Deactivated, you can Activate it on the new computer.