Problem: The file icons displayed in WebDrive include a small "x" in the lower left corner. This only shows up for files in the WebDrive mapping.

Solution: The icon overlay is a result of the setting "Disable Explorer icon handler to prevent file download" in Site Properties --> Basic File Settings. The overlay is associated with the offline attribute, which Windows uses to denote the fact that it can't pull down the icon information. This setting is enabled in WebDrive by default in order to avoid uninitiated downloads of files simply to extract the icon information. Disabling this setting removes the icon overlay, but may result in increased/unintended file downloads.

Further, the gray X should not display. That means the shell extension is likely not being used because too many shell extensions are registered (10 is the limit).  

Check the following key in the registry.


The WebDrive ones should be seen as "WebDriveCache" and a few other ones there with WebDrive in them as well. If WebDrive's are listed first in regedit. then it should be used. If there are a bunch in front of it, then you will need to edit those and add a "Z" or something to cause it to appear after WebDrive in the alphabetical order.

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