This error is a result of the Virtuozzo VPS architecture:

"Virtuozzo approaches virtualization by running a single OS kernel as its core and exporting that core functionality to various partitions on the host, instead of having one physical machine run multiple operating systems simultaneously, as the virtual machine model used by VMware and Mircrosoft Virtual Server or XEN does. Each of the partitions effectively becomes a stand-alone entity called a virtual private server (VPS). Virtuozzo comes with a proprietary Kernel Service Abstraction Layer (KSAL) that manages access to the kernel and prevents any single VPS from bringing the entire physical server down."

The KSAL prohibits kernel access which blocks the WebDrive network redirector (wdfsd.sys) from loading resulting in errors including "Can't start service WebDriveFSD, error=1275."  At this time, there is no way to circumvent the kernel access control in Virtuozzo.