Problem: WebDrive does not display the correct name for a user that has locked a file.

Example: Microsoft Word

The username is stored in Word under personal information.

For 2003 Word, it's under Tools/options, for 2007 it's under word options/personal. This name (in Word), is saved into the temp file ~test.doc, for example, when you open a file called test.doc.

So to get this to work in WebDrive you have to:
Configure Word on both sides with personalized text. Normally when you install Word for the first time, it prompts you for username and initials, it remembers this and you can later change it. 

  1. Turn off Cache Office Files - because if it's cached it won't be written out to ~test.doc, which means other users can't see it.
  2. Keep Auto DAV Lock on.
  3. Use multi-user cache mode so other applications can see the changes in ~test.doc
  4. Then when opening the Word file you should see the text that was entered in Word as the "user" who has it locked.