Beginning with WebDrive v7.35, it is possible to set up your Amazon S3 account to be accessed from WebDrive. 

Use the following steps to create an Amazon S3 server site from the WebDrive Site Manager:

  1. Enter a name for your Amazon site and select the drive letter.
  2. Set the Server type to be Amazon-S3. 
  3. On the next screen set the URL of the server. There are two options. The first option is to use the URL which should show all buckets you have access to in the root folder, then you can navigate to the buckets and treat them as folders. The other option is to root your drive in a bucket by using the following syntax where "mybucket" is the name of the bucket you wish to use.
  4. Enter your Amazon Access Key in the username field and your Amazon Secret Key as the password.

Your S3 bucket is now able to be mapped as a Windows drive. 

A couple of notes are important:

- S3 does not have a concept of folders, but WebDrive uses the S3 prefix/delimiter option to make it appear as folders with '/' being the delimiter. This allows you to create folders with WebDrive and put files into them.

- S3 does not support a rename operation. So to rename a file WebDrive downloads the file then uploads it to the new name and deletes the original. This means you can not rename a folder that has files in it. 

Rember buckets are global in S3, so after mapping a drive to the S3 service. You should use the DOS prompt to create the folder and not use explorer if created a bucket/folder at the root level since it's global. Something like "New folder" will fail because somebody else in the world has already created one. So open a DOS prompt and enter something like "MKDIR my-name-that-is-sure-to-be-unique" perhaps having your name, or some numbers in them. Something like "Docs" will fail.