Question: I have set up an FTP Site Profile in WebDrive to point to my FTP server. I can map the drive but no information appears; why?

Solution: It's probable that you, or the FTP server that you are connecting to, is behind a firewall. When this happens, WebDrive will be able to connect to the server, but the firewall will prevent WebDrive from being able to generate a directory listing. To correct this, you'll need to toggle the 'Passive' mode setting for your FTP site in WebDrive. Click on the FTP site profile of interest and go to Site Properties --> FTP Settings. Here you will see a check box that reads "Passive Mode (PASV)". If this box is not checked then WebDrive will operate in Active (PORT) mode. Check this box to have WebDrive operating in Passive Mode.

More information on Active and Passive mode.