Error: “Can't open cache file. Error (2) - The system cannot find the file specified”

This will usually happen if the WebDrive Cache Directory does not exist, or if you do not have adequate rights to store files in the cache directory. Check the main WebDrive Cache Folder Settings and make sure that the folder does exist. Also try increasing the cache size in WebDrive. It's possible that the cache is filling up before the file is able to be transferred to the remote server. Lastly if you have antivirus real-time scanning enabled try disabling it.

Error: Setup fails with "uninstallshield is running" error

Most likely you have a corrupt IsUninst.exe, this is a known problem with InstallShield. 

Error: "Unknown Error(8)" error message when using the trial version of webdrive on terminal server.

This is due to an incompatibility between Terminal Services and the VBOX trial software used by WebDrive. This will not happen with the retail version of WebDrive.

Error: After install I get the error "Can't start WebDrive Service WebDriveService, unknown error code 193"

Try installing WebDrive from the local NT administrator account.

Error: "The current operation cannot be
completed because an unexpected error has occurred." when attempting to open large folders/files.

Try increasing the command timeout on the program
settings/general tab.

Error: 414 REQUEST URI TOO LONG” when attempting to upload/download a Word document to Microsoft Sharepoint using WebDrive.

This is a result of word saving a file named ~$test.doc as a temp file, the server is rejecting the ‘~’ character, and this is from URLScan. URLScan can be configured to reject certain requests, including URI's with non ASCII characters in them. Please check if URLScan is installed and if so what its configuration settings are. See the following MS article for details on URLScan. 

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Error: 552 error

A 552 error refers to "disk quota exceeded" Check the amount of space on your ftp server.