Verisign sends you information on your signed certificate in an email. You have to copy and paste it into a text file and then save it as a *.crt file before you can import it into your admin console. They offer a 14 day trial certificate if you want to test it out. You can create a CSR in Cornerstone or Titan and edit the file to copy and paste the data for Verisign; they will ask for that.

Be sure to spell out the name of your state in the CSR, Verisign will not accept abbreviations. To create a CSR, create a certificate in Cornerstone/Titan and the wizard will give you the choice to create a CSR. Note the file location or choose to put the *.csr file on your desktop or some other place that is easy to get to. You will need the text from it to send to Verisign.

For more information, see the FTPS (FTP/SSL) & Public Key Certificate-based Authentication Quick start guide located at: