The Connections General tab is used to configure general connection settings. These values can be set at the Server, Group, and User level. See Inheritance and Shared Attributes for more information.

To access the Connections General tab at the Server level, expand the Server in the tree pane, click Connections and then click the Connections General tab.

To access these settings at the Group or User level, in the tree pane select the Group or User, click Connections, and then select the Connections General tab. 

Use Inherited Setting - This check box appears on the Group and User levels. When selected, the settings will be inherited. Clear this check box to override the inherited values.

Max Concurrent Connections - Specifies the maximum number of concurrent sessions that may be established.

Idle Connection Time-out - Specifies the maximum amount of time, in minutes, to wait before dropping a user due to inactivity.