Cornerstone (and the Enterprise Edition of Titan) has a Remote Administration feature that allows you to run the Titan/Cornerstone Admin utility and instead of connecting to the Local Service, you can connect to Titan/Cornerstone running on another physical computer. You can then use the same Titan/Cornerstone Admin utility.

The first step to using Remote Administration is to enable it on the Titan/Cornerstone PC (very similar to how you would enable 'Remote Desktop Access' on a PC before you can Remote into the PC box). Run the Titan/Cornerstone Admin app and under the Domain section, click on the Remote Administration tab and enable Remote Administration. Make a note of the IP address and PORT that the Titan/Cornerstone service is accepting Remote Connection on.

Next, you need to run the Titan/Cornerstone Installer on another computer. During the installation, select 'Install Remote Admin Utility only'. This will install the Admin app and will allow you to run it and connect to the Titan/Cornerstone box running on another computer.

Please see this link for a detailed Quick Start Guide: