Make sure you have checked the box "Start Titan FTP/Cornerstone MFT Server Service when Windows Boots" in your Titan Domain Configuration.

Make sure you have checked the box "Start this server when Titan FTP/Cornerstone MFT  Server Service starts" in your Titan Server Configuration.

Make sure Titan FTP/Cornerstone MFT  Server Daemon service is set as Automatic so the service starts automatically under your windows service administration.

Please check the Titan/Cornerstone log files for any errors. The log files will display an error if the server is unable to start.

You may have a NIC card that does not come online with a valid IP address before the Titan/Cornerstone service starts, or you could have another service that is trying to use port 21.

You may have to change the binding order of your NICs.

To check if other services may be using port 21: run a netstat -a -n -p tcb -b from a command line interface before you start your servers and see if another program may be using FTP port 21. 

Check to see if FTP Publishing Service is set to automatic or turned on, as it will affect Titan/Cornerstone. (Microsoft updates may automatically install this service)