Generate Key(s) in Putty Keygen:

  1. Type in password for key and change conversion option to "Export key". Note that you must add the *.pub extension to the filename.
  2. Export the private key from puttykeygen (note that you do not have to change file extensions on this file).
  3. You should now have 2 key files.
  4. Import the *.pub key into Cornerstone's user's account via the SFTP tab under the user's configuration options. Note that you must Import the public key into Cornerstone and replace the existing putty key. You must replace the older putty generated public key with the one you are importing into Cornerstone, so say "yes" when prompted.
  5. Click close once imported, then attach the public key to the user via the SFTP tab on the user's configuration.
  6. Open FTP client software and import private key into user's configuration.
  7. Browse to the private keyfile, enter the keyfile password and choose OK.

To really test this, make sure that the Cornerstone server is configured to "Require trusted host keys when accessing this server" at the server level.

Have your test user try to connect using SFTP.