To uninstall MacFUSE V.2.0 or later, launch the Mac OS X System Preferences application and go to the MacFUSE preference pane. Click Remove MacFUSE. This will uninstall all MacFUSE components except the preference pane itself.

NOTE: Uninstalling MacFuse will prevent WebDrive from running; do not remove MacFUSE until you have first uninstalled WebDrive.

You can keep the MacFUSE preference pane should you decide to install MacFUSE again in the future. If you want to remove it, in System Preferences, control-click (right-click) the MacFUSE icon and you will see Remove as an action.

NOTE: If you had the Show Beta Versions button selected in the MacFUSE prefpane, you'll have a property list (plist) file remaining: /Library/Preferences/ To remove it, clear the check box before you remove the prefpane as described above.

For more information, see the MacFUSE wiki at