If you download WebDrive for Mac from our website, open the DMG file and then try to install the application, sometimes you will receive an error indicating that the Package is Damaged and you should eject the disk.

Some Macintosh users will receive this error due to a Security & Privacy setting that is enabled by default on newer Macintosh systems. By default, newer Macintosh systems are configured to limit the installation of applications to only those that are downloaded and purchased through the Mac Store.

To change your Macintosh to allow the installation of applications from other sources, use the following steps: 

  1. Run "System Preferences" on your Macintosh
  2. Click on the "Security & Privacy" icon
  3. Under the section entitled "Allow applications downloaded from:", make sure that "Anywhere" is selected. Note, you may have to Unlock this page to make changes.
  4. Once you have made the change, you will be able to install WebDrive on your system.

Once WebDrive is installed, you may return this setting to it's original value, or not. Setting it back to it's original value could cause the same error to show up if you download other applications from vendors who do not use the Mac App Store for distribution.