When upgrading to a new release of an SRT product (Titan FTP Server, Cornerstone MFT Server, WebDrive, DMZedge), you can install the new version directly over your existing version. All current configuration settings will be retained.

When installing an update, we highly recommend that you restart the OS after installing the update even if the installer program does not require you to do so.

It is also recommended that you backup your data directories for the product you are upgrading, as well as export (using regedit) any registry keys under HKLM\Software\South River Technologies\%program name% (where program name is replaced by Titan, Webdrive, etc). This process is considered a "best practice" and simply assures that any information lost during an upgrade can be restored if necessary.

To upgrade, you can use the Check For Program Update feature available in the software.

Alternatively, you can simply go to our website and download the latest release of the 'trial' software from the website. Install the trial software directly over your existing version; all configuration information will be retained.

The trial version on the website is the exact same software installer which is provided once you purchase the software.