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Central management

We are using WebDrivew on larger sites with 50 - 100 clients and we would like to do central management of all these clients.

Are there any plans in future to setup central management for mulitple clients or sites?

Thank you for the feedback. There is not currently a site such as this, though WebDrive can be pushed to installed clients using other options as detailed here: 

Large Scale Deployment:

In addition, sites can be pre-configured and customized before install/push as well if preferred:

I will send the feedback and suggestion to the appropriate teams regarding Central Management in order to push updates to installed clients.

Okay, I know the license activation site but, I can't see that i can push a new site to all installed clients from there?

With central management I would push a new site or update an existing site to all of my activated clients, or a generated group with specific clients. Or is there anorther URL than

Hello. This is a consideration within our Management and Development teams for future addition of this type of console. Please note that currently it is already possible to view and manage license activations from a web browser, as well as pre-configure sites and settings for silent install/update to each system. 

What kind of features/capabilities specifically would you be most interested in regarding central management for WebDrive? We'd love feedback regarding this idea.

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