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Problems with Onedrive Personal and Onedrive for Business on the same laptop

I have Onedrive Personal and Onedrive for Business installed on my laptop. I was able to create a new site in Webdrive 2019 for Onedrive for Business. The site gets connected, however the virtual drive created (Z:) is empty.

In the case of Onedrive Personal, when I try to create the site in Webdrive 2019, it popups a window showing my Onedrive for Business account and a message of "finding more accounts..." below. A couple of seconds later, I get another popup message with "Unable to obtain access token".

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Webdrive, rebooting, etc., but didn't help.

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I have a similar problem.  I don't even get as far as Cesar; i immediately get "Unable to obtain access token".


You can setup multiple OneDrive and OneDrive for Business accounts (or other cloud services as well).  To setup multiple accounts, create the OneDrive account site profile as  normal. Then, go to Internet Explorer and log into the same OneDrive  account and then log out. Then, create the second OneDrive account site  profile in WebDrive. Then, you can connect both.

You can continue this for any additional site profiles to be created, just ensuring to log in through Internet Explorer and then logging out for each one.

Please also ensure that you are using WebDrive 2019, as OneDrive changed their API Access to a Graph API and this is supported with WebDrive 2019 and newer.

I am using the latest version of WebDrive 2019 (build 5323), so that's good.  Logging in and out above must be done with Internet Explorer?  Can't do it with Chrome?

I tried using IE, Edge, Chrome. Nothing works.

Same problem here with Webdrive 2019. Worked fine a few weeks ago and setup was simple with the Site Wizard. Now unable to set up even when login to OneDrive with IE11 is possible (and must say using IE11 shouldn't be a requirement nowadays regarding the post above...)

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