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Case of filenames not handled properly

The case of filenames is causing a problem when viewed via the SFTP connection of WebDrive.

To reproduce: make 2 files on your Linux server called test.txt and Test.txt and then view the directory with Windows Explorer (with the Linux server mounted via WebDrive). You'll see only one of the two files (probably Test.txt and not test.txt). This means that you can only open one of the files via WebDrive not both...

This is correct. Currently, WebDrive follows the rules of Windows and Windows Explorer and is therefore case-insensitive.

Created two test files on a Linux box running Ubuntu 16.04. 

'TEST.txt" and 'test.txt". with with the same random string for 1024 byte file size. 




Confirmed, both files exist on the Linux server correctly and contain case-sensitive filenames.  

The storage volume is formatted with XFS file system (with the case sensitive option enabled). 


it appears WebDrive's behavior is to only display/allow edits to either the lowercase or uppercase files only on the server (whichever is unique from the windows perspective). 


There is not an option to select/view/edit the other UPPERCASE file with the same filename on the server through the WebDrive UI. 


Reasons for this likely related to encoding systematics: https://lwn.net/Articles/772960/

If you try and rename 'test.txt' to 'TEST.txt' through WebDrive UI, it throws an error: 


If this lowercase to UPPERCASE file rename is performed on the server, it updates correctly as two separate and distinct files. 

Regardless, I suppose a possible a stopgap is to rename relevant user documents of interest to lowercase on the server (may have collisions) and follow a lowercase file naming convention moving forward for newly created files which are accessible to both local and remote systems. 

Perhaps this could be a new WebDrive feature to force lowercase upon file transfer if mixed case filenames are not going to be handed correctly??

Ran the above tests with and without the "Encode filenames in UTF-8" option on WebDrive 2017 build 4894 64-bit using SFTP (SSH).  Same results.  

This is odd since WebDrive does show UPPERCASE characters in the list for other files: 


Unclear why this is not considered a BUG that needs resolution by South River Technologies, Inc.

It is preferable to have access to ALL files on a remote server. 

Note: WinSCP does handle this case correctly, which is expected for an SSH client. 


Now we download the 'TEST.txt" and 'test.txt" files created on the Linux server to the Window 10 box via WinSCP, whatever file was the first to touch Windows NTFS, will show up in Explorer.  The second file downloaded with the other upper/lower case will silently overwrite the prior file (no notification) and change the contents on the Windows file (but keep the original filename either: "TEST or test"- depending on which was downloaded first). 

As long as a user is moving Windows generated files to the remote Linux server, this should be a non-issue.  As soon as files are generated on the Linux server are attempted to be copied from Linux to Windows, this may present the problems mentioned above (same filename mixed case = not visible/ quietly overwritten on the Windows copy).

Alternatively, enable case sensitivity on Win10 may prevent this headache: 

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux


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