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upgrade from Server 2008 32-bit to 2012 R2: error 5

 I have upgraded our Titan server from Windows 2008 32-bit, TitanFTP version 2019, 3505 (32-bit i assume) to a new 2012 R2 server with TitanFTP (64-bit) version 2019.  I I followed the instructions here:  https://southrivertech.com/wp-content/uploads/qs_Titan_Migration.pdf however I am facing an error when users login:

Verifying User Home Directory:

CreatePath() failed with error 5

User "User" authenticated successfully

The users can connect successfully however cannot access their home directory:

Cannot get real path for '.'.

No such file or directory.

Error code 2.

Error message from server (en). No such file.

First of all is this even a supported upgrade path?  Maybe I have to go from a 32 bit install to 2012 R2 with a 32 bit install then upgrade to 64 bit?

Anyone have an idea about the error message?  Seems all the configuration carried over OK.

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