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Files not displayed

Using WebDrive to connect to an offsite NAS using WebDav. When setting up the site, I get a connection to the NAS, with logon happening successfully. When connecting to the site, the NAS appears in the explorer window as expected, as a network drive. However the network drive contains no folders or files.

I've got one computer set up that works perfectly, connecting to the NAS and displaying files. However the other computer (on the same network, same setup, same logon credentials) has the issue described above. As far as I can tell, there must be something on the trouble computer that's interfering. Are there any programs or settings on the computer that could be causing this issue? Any suggestions for fixing this? I've tried clearing the cache, but beyond that not really sure what else to try. As far as I can tell, the two sites are set up exactly the same, but only one works.

Thanks in advance.

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Try checking the Cache Folder location, especially if this was imported from your other setup (App Settings --> Cache Settings). You'll likely want to ensure this is a proper location for the logged in user. If you're unsure, set it to a folder on your Desktop and then Clear Cache and reconnect the drive. Otherwise, check settings very carefully to ensure the site is configured the same. After this, consider local differences between the computers and their configurations.

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