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Error= 21 on every cloud connction after sync


When I create any new cloud connection in WebDrive, I receive this error (also in attached image):

Unable to create cachefile "\" in DB, error 21

Unable to create\open cachefile for \

We use Webdrive on win Server 2012 R2 hosted on a Citrix XenApp environment, with domain users (without admin permission).

User profile folder is linked to a network share (with full control permission for the user) - \\STORAGE\_CTXDOCUMENTI$\\

By policies, domain users don't see local storage except personal folder (linked to the network share)

WebDrive user folder has linked to same network share with full control permission for the domain user - \\STORAGE\_CTXDOCUMENTI$\Domain.User\My Documents\WebDrive\.

Same error message appears either with 2018 and 2019 X64 release.

How can I troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks in advance

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