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Registration Key Says it belongs to an older Version

 Hi Gang,

when I setup a Web Drive Client and tried to Activate, it is telling me that my key is for an older version. Please Advise?



This error means that your Activation Code is valid for an older version of WebDrive than what is currently installed. 

Example: Your Registration Code is for WebDrive 2017, and you currently have WebDrive 2019 installed. 

To resolve this error, you have two options: 

1. Upgrade/Update your license and support for WebDrive to be valid for the newer version that you have installed.

2. Uninstall the newer version of WebDrive and then install the older version of WebDrive for which your license is valid.

Link to download older versions of WebDrive: https://southrivertech.com/download-fully-functional-old-software-versions

Link to purchase current version of WebDrive: https://webdrive.com/purchase

In your specific case, it appears you purchased WebDrive 2018 without the optional support and maintenance plan, so the update to WebDrive 2019 is not included for free (with support and maintenance contract, updates are included). The most likely cause of this error is that WebDrive 2019 was installed, and this is not included with the purchase that you made. You'd want to either stay with WebDrive 2018, or purchase support/upgrade to WebDrive 2019. Contacting the Sales team at sales@southrivertechnologies.com can help get you up and running with WebDrive 2019 and provide options based on your specific situation.



Thanks Jeff, I had the old version saved so I did proceed to install. Thanks.

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