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Scheduled task - mapped drive

I'm doing a trial version of this and have problem with syntax as to how the bat file should be written.  

I have a Visual Cut report that will be saved to the c drive and I need it copied to the w drive which is the webdrive mapped drive for google drive.  I need this to run every 15 mins whether I am logged in or not.

The first step is to run the program which gets saved to c drive - this works correctly.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual CUT 11\Visual CUT.exe" -e "C:\BAT Files\RDA BAT Files\Daily Volume Report\test.rpt" "Parm1:TODAY_MINUS_1" "Parm2:TODAY_MINUS_1"

This is what I found online and having trouble with in order to map the drive, copy the file, etc.

ECHO "Running FTP batch file!" start /wait /D"c:\program files\webdrive" webdrive.exe /s:"Microsoft" copy c:\test.pdf w:\ start /wait /D"c:\program files\webdrive" webdrive.exe w: /d



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