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Export dbo.fxv_UserParams

Good Morning


Can you please help me determine what tables make up the dbo.fxv_UserParamsview? When I query this view I get an overflow error message after 84 rows so I am trying to just execute a select all from this view but it will not complete successfully. So I am thinking if I can select from the actual tables it is pulling from and then put the data together manually to get the same information I will be able to see the same data.




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The fxv_UserParams is a pivot-view of the sr_userparams table. Older versions of this view would generate an error message if one if the date fields in the fx_userparams table was an invalid number. 

If you install the latest build of Cornerstone, the \Program Files\South River Technologies\Cornerstone MFT Server\dbSchema\ folder will have the sql for fxv_UserParams.sql. You can use Sql Server Management Studio to update the view which should correct the issue.

If the issue persists, you'll need to manually clean up the invalid date fields in the sr_userparams table.

select distinct(rowval) from sr_userparams where rowtag in ('LasLoginDate','PassChangeDate')

the output from that query will dump a list of numeric values which 'should' be similar, find the outlier and update it to be 0 or something more similar to the other values.

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