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Webdav incorrect total size of storage

I mapped Webdav cloud server, but it shows the cloud storage is full. 

Basically, cloud storage is unlimited. 

Anybody can fix this issue? 


Sorry Jeff, but the problem still exists (



Can you try editing the location in the registry directly? 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\South River Technologies\WebDrive\Connections\(NameOfYourSite) 

The value for "QuotaMB". Change this value to 0 to have no limiting set, or set the value to a very high number to essentially make it limitless.


WebDrive uses a default available space of 4 TB if the client is unable to retrieve a specified amount from the server. Here is what you can do when accessing a limitless storage option:

1. Remove the quota entirely.

    Click on your site connection in WebDrive, and then go to Site Properties --> Basic File Settings. Here, disable the setting for "Enable Quota Processing".

Then, connect your site again and the issue should be resolved.

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