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Error=409 path/disallowed_name/

One of my backup jobs is showing this error every day on 11 different "thumbs.db" files on different folders as below and attached file:

Error #11

Upload Failed

Unable to upload \BACKUP_CLOUD2\inetpub\wwwroot\Logon\Images\PNGs\Thumbs.db Error=409 path/disallowed_name/... A backup of this file has been created 

I´ve already unchecked all the 11 files from the webdrive backup routine, hoping  they are excluded from the webdrive backup job but the errors continue everyday.

I´ve also looked for the 409 error on the knowledge base and help and did not find anything about it.

Does anyboby knows why and how to fix it, so that the error does not happen anymore ?

Thans a lot

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