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Upload failed. Error=

Running version 2017 (build 4894) 64 bit on Windows 10. Encountering "Upload Failed. Unable to upload {file path} Error=   A backup of this has been created".

There is no error code, explanation or hint as to what the problem is. I have Webdrive running on 8 machines for this client and this is the only one behaving this way. All other computers can access the remote drive without issues.

Uninstalled antivirus, uninstalled and reinstalled Webdrive... same thing.

Has anyone encountered this before?



10 people have this problem

Yes, I have this problem.  

"Upload Failed

Unable to upload \test.file

Error=550 test.file.  Forbidden filename

A backup of this file has been created"

Anyone help with this?  It would sure be nice to know what the heck is going on!

Hello. There are a wide variety of reasons for why a file may fail to upload. The best bet is to submit a support ticket and provide log files from WebDrive (and the server as well if possible) so that appropriate troubleshooting can occur.

Forbidden filename provides a hint for that particular issue of what might be going wrong.

I would LOVE to do this.  However, to do so, I need the following help:

1)  Where do I go to submit a support ticket?

2)  Where are the log files found for WebDrive to submit for analysis?

3)  Where, or which, files from the Server should also be included for analysis?

Is there any chance to could come on to my computer with a screen share program, look at and grab whatever you need?  It would appear to me that it is attempting to transfer a file named "test.file" and that there is a problem doing so.  I have hunted all over for a file named "test.file" on our side or in the setup parameters of WebDrive, but cannot find it anywhere.  I'd really appreciate any help you can give.  It seems that WebDrive just craps out" (don't know any other way to describe it) part way into transferring files, at which time it can no longer find the mapped drive.  I've tried all sorts of setting, changing the cache setting, etc., all to no avail as far as success goes.

We'd REALLY appreciate some help with this, even if we must pay for it.  Constantly getting that error message, however, doesn't seem to me that it should be our fault.


1. Support tickets can be created and submitted at    -- You can login with an existing account or choose "Sign Up" to get started

2. App Settings --> Logging has the menu for turning on logging. Checking all of the boxes provides the most detailed logs for use in troubleshooting.

3. The server log files would be useful, and where to find these would depend entirely on the server that you have. Your administrator would have this access/answer.

With a valid support contract, a remote screen sharing session can be setup and run. Please provide this information in your support ticket if you have a valid license with support.

One thing to check, under Site Properties --> Basic File Settings, do you have 'Test for Write Access" enabled? You could turn this setting off and see if it fixes the problem if your server is not allowing a file named Test.file to be uploaded. This could be WebDrive attempting to test if the user has access to write to the drive.

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