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fail to mount on windows 10

Started recently, t=gives no error or any message

solved by restart, and recurred every few days.

Computer details:

WebDrive WebDrive 2017 (build 4804) 64 bit

Running on Windows 10, Build #14393.

Registration Code: 55-640N00-10F42475-000632-51E0

License Type: Individual License

Purchase Date: January 16, 2017

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Have not found a solution, but it happens after a Windows update and/or a WebDrive update.  If you go into the control panel, select services, then scroll down to Webdrive.  You will notice it is set to Automatic, which should auto start it, but it is not running.  You can just select start and it will work properly afterwards (until the next update).

I have gotten into the habit of just checking/starting it after each update.  There is probably a way to test and start it from a script, but it doesn't happen often enough to force me down that path.

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