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Login issue, no error message

I have had two users whom can't connect to their drives. The issue has primarily happened with Sharepoint through Office365, but it looked like the problem also happened once on OneDrive for Business.

I suspect that both users had changed their passwords prior to the error.

This is what happens;

The drive is disconnected, and when trying to connect, it prompts for login details, which is fine. When adding the username and password, the login window closes with no message of either success or failure. When trying to connect after this, the same login window opens again.

I tried to close Webdrive and re-open the application, but that didn't help. I tried to completely remove the Sharepoint site and adding it from the beginning, same error. After adding the URL for the site and trying to login, the login-window closes again, but the "next" button is inactive as if the login failed.

I tried reinstalling the application completely, which helped with one drive but not another.  

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