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how to test webdrive trial version to connect GoogleDrive?

Hi all,
I installed the trial version of webdrive 2017 to test the connection to googleDrive, but when i try to connect to google, webdrive asks me the activation code...

how can I evaluate the version if I'm not able to test it?

Maybe i'm making some mistakes, may someone help me?

thanks a lot


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Hi Marco,

If WebDrive is asking for an activation code, then either:

1) your Trial period has expired,

2) WebDrive has previously been installed on the computer, or

3) an update/upgrade to WebDrive was completed while in Trial mode.

If you believe there is an error, and WebDrive should not be asking for a Registration Code, please use the helpdesk account that you have created and choose to Submit a Ticket to the helpdesk for further support. Your Trial helpdesk account has the ability to submit tickets for one month.

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