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HP Enterprise Key Manager and Titan SFTP

According to HP they support SFTP but they only have available SCP or internal as a backup option.  I am not sure if Titan will work with HPESKM.  Does anyone have any knowledge of the two integrating?

I also am at a stand still when it come to the "Path" I am telling HPESKM to write the backup file to.  The log files are not showing any error when it comes to attempting to write a file but no file is ever written.  As far as HPESKM is concerned it created the backup of its configuration.

My options for creating a backup are:

scp host -
scp destination directory - / (I am not sure if this is correct)
scp username - username
scp password - password

the logs indicate it logs in no problem

when it gets to the rights to the user directory i get the 0x00000010 code (I assume that is correct)

but no files

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