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TitanFTP Server: Security Configuration (hiding root folder structure) for Shared FTP Account, Best Practices?

We have a shared FTP account/password that is used in a variety of one-time uses by outside contacts.  I would like to configure this account so that the root folder structure is not visible when a user connects, but they can browse to (or create and browse to) a sub folder and then have everything inside that sub folder be fully visiable.


I can’t seem to figure out how to configure something like this inside the Titan management windows.  This is an FTP feature/functionality I’ve personally seen/used when connecting to FTP servers hosted at other companies.


The issues I’m running in to when trying to accomplish this are:


When I disable “View Directory Listing” for the root folder:I get errors when connecting via FTP client (still connects, but alerts that it failed trying to list directory)I can’t apply directory listing to subfolders that may get created by the connected userIf I hide the folders through the OS (Windows Server 2012 R2), I can enable the “don’t show hidden folders” option in Titan FTP, but this is a manual thing.  If the user creates a new folder, it won’t be hidden at creation.


Anyway, I feel a little like I may be trying to reinvent the wheel here and you may have a guide or idea of a best practice for this type of shared FTP account security.  Can you either help me accomplish what I’m trying to do, or tell me what the better way to secure a shared FTP account is?

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