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WebDrive SFTP - wdVolume.cpp 1913 error

Saw an odd error after opening Visual Studio Code within an SFTP-based mounted volume:

Internal software error at wdVolume.cpp 1913

(Not entirely sure what VSCode was doing, but it had just restarted after a version upgrade)

The volume became unmounted after.  Moreover, I could not reconnect from the WebDrive 2017 app window, and the WebDrive Service was not running (so most likely crashed & didn't restart).

I can repeatedly reproduce this error by starting the WebDrive service, mounting the drive, chdir into the drive and start VSCode (doing this all from PowerShell if it matters).  I instantly see the WebDrive Service die.

Version: WebDrive 2017 (build 4562) 64 bit (on Windows 10 Professional x64)

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