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folder time problem / titan ver. 2016 - build 2915


we have a titan ftp-server 2016 - build 2915 running.

We recognized following behaviour:

-a given ftp folder has the last change time property 16:30
-a client loads up a file into this folder at 16:31
-the folder last change time property is now 16:31

-a client deletes a  file in this folder at 16:32
-the folder last change time property is now 18:32

This is a difference of 2 hours. Why?
I fiddled around with the titan server time zone settings without any changes to this behaviour.

Any hints for me? The titan is running under W2012, 64bit

If I delete a file directly on the windows server in the given folder the last change time of the folder is correct. 

By the way, how to create an official support ticket for our registered titan Version?



Made some further Tests:

-Change d the windows server timezone UTC +01:00 Amsterdam, Berlin... 


windows server timezone UTC

and directly back

-made no change to the titan Server time zone settings (GMT +01:00) Amsterdam,Berlin...
-made the tests described in the first post
-the times are now correct


-when restarting the titan ftp-service the Problem apears the same again like described in the first post.

Updated to version 2017 - build 3067
Same behaviour.
I guess its something with the servers timezone settings vers. the titan timezone settings.
But why the tome difference for folders only occour when deleting a file in the folder and not when create a file or folder?

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