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Client getting "Could not connect Bad file descriptor" after upgrade to v2016 build 2905

We have a client that connects to our TitanFTP server every 30 minutes and downloads files from a data feed we run throughout the day. They've been running the same automated script for years to perform these downloads and have made no changes. 


I upgraded our server from v2016 build 2800 to build 2905 over the weekend.


Now when the client connects, they download a file, they issue a SIZE command to confirm the file is complete and we respond with the size, but then their script appears to hang. After a two minute timeout we kick the hung connection and ban the IP.


The client is getting a "Error-FTP Could not connect Bad file descriptor" entry in there logs.


The underlying issue is probably in the clients script, but it seems as if something must have change in build 2905 that is now making their script hang. The release notes I could find had very limited information, is it possible to get some details on changes between build 2800 and 2905?

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