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WebDrive 2016 License pack 10 licenses activate/deactivate problem.

Dear Support,

Could you please help to check for our WebDrive license's problem?

Now we have 1 pack for WebDrive 2016, 10 seat licenses but now we can only activate just 9 computer.

It may be because we have one computer broke and we re-format by did not deactivate the license.

So, could your please help to check or deactivate the license.

Our customer ID is below.

Customer ID: SRT161014-7006-63111


If you believe your activations are not correct, you can always view and manage your activations through the web portal by logging into:

To login, use the email address associated with your purchase and your Registration Code.

I have manually reset your activation counter, so you should now be able to use WebDrive on 10 computers again.

Bonjour j'ai acheté la license via le site mais je n'ai toujours pas reçu le mail pour le code d'activation.

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